CBNCloud Spam Filter

Professional Email Security Solutions

CBNCloud Spam Filter  is the service  to make incoming and outgoing email more secure.  CBNCloud offering premium solutions that work out of the box, offer full control, and are seamlessly integrated into existing email infrastructures. The value of your data is beyond compare, this service will safeguard your valuable data 24/7. The benefits of hosted email security solutions are quite clear and for many businesses a hosted service will be a much more cost effective option than on-premises solutions.  In addition, you will also have the ability to organize your previous and current data in a simple way.


  • Save Costs

    Protect your entire network with our highly competitive bulk user-based licenses which come at a fraction of the competitors’ prices. Take advantage of our Lowest Price Guarantee compared to other professional email security solutions of the same quality of service as SpamExperts.

  • End-Clients Control through a User-Friendly GUIs

    All SpamExperts solutions come with highly intuitive user-friendly interfaces. Empowering your end-clients over their mail-flows further reduces your support and increases client satisfaction. The system works out of the box, can be fully branded, and if desired integrated into any custom control-panel of choice.

  • Stop Spam and Viruses

    Secure your network from spam, viruses and phishing attempts. Deploy our Incoming Filtering and Outgoing Filtering solutions to secure email continuity and protect your users and IPs from the full range of email hazards!


  • Incoming Filter

  • Cyber-criminals are motivated by financial gain, the challenge, ideology or simply mischief. So, the anti-spam and virus filter from SpamExperts is a “must have” for any email intensive organization today.

  • Outgoing Filter

  • The Outgoing Email Filter is crucial to maintain a company’s good reputation. Stop spam from leaving your network and prevent being blacklisted by using a professional Outgoing Filter Solution from Spam Filter!


  • Rp. 750.000/Mo
    • Incoming
    • Outgoing
    • Fair Use Traffic Incoming 4 GB / Month
    • Fair Use Traffic Outgoing 4 GB / Month
    • Registration Fee* : Rp. 500.000

  • *One time charge