CBNCloud Email Zimbra


CBNCloud Email  Zimbra is a next generation of email services. It is enterprise ready email and collaboration solution with a superior online and offline client user experience that is supported across all the major platforms. It makes continued investments in driving down IT operational and administrative costs as it adapts to new trends of collaboration in the enterprise.


  • Superior End-User Experience

    By providing a rich, consistent user experience on all major platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux)—online through a Web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari) and via MS Outlook, Thunderbird and other desktop clients—Zimbra increases end-user satisfaction and reduces support costs and user training needs. The streamlined browser interface provides natural conversation; enables rich compose, cut and paste; and provides sophisticated and easy-to-customize filters. Users can easily manage and search large inboxes of email and voicemail messages, multiple calendars, contacts and task lists.

  • Complete Email and Collaboration Solution with High Availability

    Zimbra offers sophisticated email, calendaring and collaboration features, but is less complex to deploy/manage and is as much as 50% less expensive than Microsoft Exchange. Zimbra’s ability to offer varying class of services for different users is especially attractive to large and diverse companies and organizations. Zimbra enables high availability through support for virtualization, and online backup and restore, including at the individual mailbox level.

  • Simplified and Integrated Unified Communications

    IT administrators can easily connect Zimbra to a unified communications solution to provide integrated click-to-call, voicemail, chat and presence for users. Zimbra includes out-of-the-box integration for Cisco and Mitel, with support for other unified communications solutions through an open API.

  • Reduced Administration and Maintenance

    Zimbra has an easy-to-use Web-based administration console enabling IT administrators to securely access the application anywhere, anytime. Through the console, administrators can easily manage access and policies for a diverse set of users in a large organization. Zimbra also empowers end users through end-user self-service administration, reducing IT administration and support overhead and increasing end-user satisfaction.

    Zimbra also supports both hierarchical storage management and multitenancy. Hierarchical storage management optimizes storage costs through tiered storage. Multitenancy enables service providers to cost-effectively support multiple businesses in a hosted environment.


  • High Quality Online & Offline User Experience

  • Zimbra is supported across all major browsers (Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome) on Mac, Windows and Linux clients

  • Control Over Data and Service Levels

  • Zimbra provides the option of an on-premise solution (with hierarchal storage management for storage optimization) or a hosted solution with one of many service provider partners

  • Rich Extensibility with Zimlets

  • Zimbra is supported across all major browsers (Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome) on Mac, Windows and Linux clients

  • Flexible Solution and Simple Administration

  • Zimbra provides support for multiple domains as well as granular and flexible administration for each domain. The Zimbra solution is flexible, requires low maintenance and will scale with the business

  • Access Zimbra from Any Device

  • Zimbra also supports access from a variety of other devices such as all major browsers and on Mac, Linux or Windows desktops, Outlook, Third-party email clients (IMAP, POP, CardDAV, CalDAV and Apple iSync), Smartphones such as iPhone, Android or Windows-based and Blackberry smartphones are supported


Web ApplicationProfessionalStandardBusiness Email PlusBusiness Email
Monthly FeeRp. 47.000Rp. 41.000Rp. 33.000Rp. 27.000
Zimlets for Simple Customizations to the Web UIvvv-
Document Previewvv--
Conversation Viewsvv--
Message Taggingvv--
Advanced Visual Search Buildervv--
Attachment Searchvvvv
Address Bookvvvv
Personal Distribution Listsvvvv
Global Address Listsvvv-
MS Exchange Interoperabilityvv--
Group and Resource Schedulingvv--
Folders and Filesvv--
File Briefcasevv--
S/MIME Digital Signatures and Encryptionvv--
Unified Communications Integrationvv--
Custom Retention Policiesvv--
Desktop ClientsProfessionalStandardBusiness Email PlusBusiness Email
POP and IMAP Emailvvvv
CardDAV, iCal and CalDAV Clientsvvvv
Outlook for Mac (Exchange Web Services)OptionalOptional--
Outlook Sync (MAPI)v---
Mobile ClientsProfessionalStandardBusiness Email PlusBusiness Email
Mobile Web Clientvvvv
POP and IMAP Email for Smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows)vvvv
CardDAV Contacts and CalDAV Calendar for iPhonevvvv
Offline Mobile Web Client (Chrome and Firefox)vv--
Zimbra Touch Client (Sencha Touch Framework for iOS and Android)vv--
Zimbra Connector for BlackBerryvv--
Zimbra Mobile for Smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows)v---
Mobile Device Policy Managementv---
Server AdministrationProfessionalStandardBusiness Email PlusBusiness Email
Web Administration Consolevvvv
Command Line Interface (CLI)vvvv
LDAP and MS Active Directory Supportvvvv
High Availability Server Clusteringvvvv
Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM)vvvv
Archiving and Discoveryv---
Registration Fee : Rp. 500.000



  • Quota

  • Rp. 5000 / GB
  • *One time charge