State of The Cloud Report 2016 by RightScale

State of The Cloud Report 2016 by RightScale

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In this report, RightScale uses its Cloud Maturity Model to segment and analyze organizations based on their levels of cloud adoption. The Cloud Maturity Model identifies four distinct stages of cloud maturity. Denoting cloud adoption by organizations from least to greatest experience, the four stages are:

Cloud Watchers are organizations that are developing cloud strategies and plans but have not yet deployed applications into the cloud. Cloud Watchers want to evaluate available cloud options and determine which applications to implement in the cloud.

Cloud Beginners are new to cloud computing and are working on proof-of-concepts or initial cloud projects. Cloud Beginners want to gain experience with cloud in order to determine future projects.

Cloud Explorers have multiple projects or applications already deployed in the cloud. Cloud Explorers are focused on improving and xpanding their use of cloud resources.

Cloud Focused businesses are heavily using cloud infrastructure and are looking to optimize cloud operations as well as cloud costs.

The survey on which the RightScale 2016 State of the Cloud Report is based includes organizations across all the stages of cloud maturity.


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All private cloud technologies saw growth in the 2016 survey, with VMware vSphere maintaining its lead while OpenStack and Microsoft are generating strong interest. Bare-metal cloud is coming onto the scene, especially among smaller organizations.





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