CBNCloud Azure Stack

let’s focus to improve your rapid innovations

Azure Stack is an extension of Azure, bringing the agility and fast-paced innovation of cloud computing to onpremises environments. Organizations can now build modern applications across hybrid cloud environments, balancing the right amount of flexibility and control.


  • Secure and reliable infrastructure

    CBNCloud Azure Stack is completely sealed both from a permission and network point of view, making it very hard for unauthorized users to get in, comes with encryption at-rest for both infrastructure and tenant data, and encryption in-transit with TLS 1.2 for infrastructure network.
    Built in the highest quality of CBN Group infrastructure solutions, supported by trusted and expert technology partner.

  • Consistent Application Development

    Maximize developer productivity and Implement a common DevOps approach across hybrid cloud environments.

  • Pay as you use

    Azure Stack brings the cloud economic model with hourly pay-as-you-use pricing model.

  • Experienced Team

    Don’t worry, just focus on your business and let us do the rest. You’ll be managed by the best and highly experienced cloud team.


  • Active Directory

  • Azure Stack includes its own AD FS and Active Directory instance, and an Active Directory Graph API

  • Subscribe to multiple offers

  • In Azure Stack, services are delivered to tenants using regions, subscriptions, offers, and plans. Offers can have one or more plans, and plans can have one or more services.

  • Resource Manager

  • By using this, you can work with your infrastructure resources in a template-based, declarative model. It provides a single interface that you can use to deploy and manage your solution components.

  • Resource providers (RPs)

  • Resource Manager relies on different RPs to provide access to services. There are four foundational RPs: Network, Storage, Compute and KeyVault.

  • High availability

  • VMs are placed in an availability set that spreads them across multiple fault domains and update domains.

  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

  • You can use RBAC to grant system access to authorized users, groups, and services by assigning them roles at a subscription, resource group, or individual resource level. Each role defines the access level a user, group, or service has over Microsoft Azure Stack resources.



    Through CBNCloud public cloud solution, you can fully utilize our scalable and dynamic computing resources through public/private network connection and allow you to pay only what you use, without having to purchase, manage, and maintain your own hardware and application infrastructure.


    Through CBNCloud private cloud solution you can make sure the computing resources and private network is available only for your workload without sharing the resources with other users. Our private cloud solution delivers a higher level of security and privacy, also ensure your operations and sensitive data are not accessible by the third party .


    Enable you to adopt hybrid cloud computing based on your business and technical requirements for both private and public cloud solution.