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Do you find it difficult to monitor your server, network or other devices in your IT environment? Monitoring the usage of all your devices will provide an accurate and complete information regarding the utilization of the device you work with. Do you find it already fully utilized? Or do you need to add more hardware to achieve the result you wanted?

A new service from CBNCloud, named Cloud Nimsoft Monitoring supported by the technology of CA Nimsoft, is an easy tools that will enable you to monitor all devices and applications running on your current network or cloud. You will find your current utilization in real time, the exact time your devices or application is fully utilized, data collection carried out by this service will be presented in details and complete information.

Here are the advantages you will gain in this service:

  • Data collection is small, so it does not require large storage for data storage.
  • Scalability usage from ten to thousands of devices in just a short period of time
  • Out-of-the-box support for more than 140 more types of devices - including servers, databases, applications, network devices and cloud services
  • Single, multi-tenant portal view
  • Dashboards and reports that can be customized as needed

How CBNCloud Web Monitoring by CA Nimsoft works

When the Cloud Nimsoft Monitoring system receives a new data, it will automatically spread through the message bus. The entire items registered in the system will receive updates automatically. Delivery is traditionally done with a point-to-point client-server, requires sending messages copied many times to each of application which is very inefficient compared to delivering it via the message bus.

Cloud Nimsoft Monitoring Architecture allows administrators to perform configuration and registration of data dissemination through a single management console native. The entire configuration can also be arranged through the API – this enables cloud users to automatically monitor and investigate all their critical applications.

CBNCloud Web Monitoring by CA Nimsoft Features

Guaranteed delivery of messages through Spooling mechanism

When the robot Cloud Nimsoft Monitoring installed, data management can be immediately collected and stored safely, regardless of network connectivity to a central management console. This ensures that the data collection will be done despite if there are disruption of the network and will be delivered as soon as the network turns normal.

Minimum bandwidth usage

Cloud Nimsoft Monitoring is designed to provide an efficient interface management with minimum bandwidth usage. This can be done through the message bus architecture in which data is transmitted in a small size which was intended so that Cloud Nimsoft Monitoring could improve other operational activities.

Multi-Platform Support

Cloud Nimsoft Monitoring can be applied to almost all operating systems, databases, networks, traditional network management protocol, and the entire cloud computing services. The ability to use traditional network will enable customers to monitor and improve the existing investment.

Monitor Agent Selection

Customers could choose to apply an agent or non agent to monitor all the devices they use. Cloud Nimsoft Monitoring offers a hybrid solution where the customer is offered with two options or a combination of both, for example, customers could choose to monitor few of their applications with an agent and let the rest of their applications monitored by non agent.

Flexible development

Cloud Nimsoft Monitoring application development can be done at the customer’s premises or at the customer’s partner premise. Customers can also choose whether to run this service on Windows, Linux as well as their database such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL.

Alarm management

Cloud Nimsoft Monitoring applies an Alarm Management that helps IT Operations team to set the alarm as per their requirements. For example, if they set the alert only when there is a connection failure or breach, this will allow them to discover which services should be in troubleshoot, without having to investigate each devices one by one.

Efficient tools and can be used in systems and services

CBNCloud Web Monitoring by CA Nimsoft is an efficient tools and can be used on the following systems and services:

  • Network, including routers, switches, firewalls and VoIP
  • Server, such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Cisco UCS, Novell Open Enterprise Server and IBM Power Systems
  • Database, such as Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Informix and IBM DB2
  • Applications, such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft IIS, Active Directory, Citrix, WebSphere, JBoss, and much more.
  • Virtual platforms, such as VMware, vCloud Monitor, Microsoft Hyper-V, Solaris Zones, IBM PowerVM, Citrix XenServer, XenDesktop and virtual Red Hat Enterprise.
  • Public and Private Cloud, as Amazeon Web Services, Rackspace, Google Apps,, Vblock, FlexPod, and OpenStack.

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