CBNCloud Email Blast

Simple Email Marketing

CBNCloud Email Blast is an email marketing tool that will support you in engaging and maintaining your relationships with your customers and partners. A simple tool yet powerful for a long-term business relationship. This service will help you in giving information to your customers, previous customers and also potential customers at the same time. You could share your newest product, business information, business requests or solicit sales. Continuous usage of this service will help you built loyalty, trust and also brand awareness.


  • Advanced contact management

    Our upgraded contact management tools deliver insights to help you manage consent, identify VIPs, and know right away who needs a little extra attention.

  • Personalize Communications

    Whether you're emailing all your contacts at once or targeting a specific group.

  • Strengthen Relationships

    Increase customer trust, loyalty and profitability.

  • Get Measurable Results

    Gain valuable feedback from your campaigns to help your marketing efforts.

  • Smart templates

    We’ll propose the best emails to send to your contacts. Automatically generated emails that reflect your brand and your business. No design experience required!


  • Theme Controls

  • Focus on your message. Leave the design stuff to us. Choose your fonts and colors, and we’ll do the rest. Create professional templates you’ll love, in just a few clicks

  • Content Blocks

  • Make our email templates your own. Share your message, in style. No design chops necessary. An ever-growing library of content blocks is available to help bring your vision to life

  • Contact Management

  • Organize your contacts like a pro.Effortlessly maintain contact lists, create groups and send the right message to the right people at the right time


  • CB 2500

  • Rp. 750.000/mo
    • Up to 2.500 contacts
    • Email Limit 25.000
    • Registration Fee* : Rp 500.000

  • CB 5000

  • Rp. 1.200.000/mo
    • Up to 5.000 contacts
    • Email Limit 50.000
    • Registration Fee* : Rp 500.000

  • CB 10000

  • Rp. 1.700.000/mo
    • Up to 10.000 contacts
    • Email Limit 80.000
    • Registration Fee* : Rp 500.000

  • CB 25000

  • Rp. 3.000.000/mo
    • Up to 25.000 contacts
    • Email Limit 150.000
    • Registration Fee* : Rp 500.000

  • *One time charge