Hosted Exchange

business emails, contact, task list , and calendar

Hosted Exchange

This is the kind of service that will make your life easier since this service will provide your business emails, contact, task list and also your business calendar accessible to any devices you use. This service also equipped with protection and reliability to any information you may use in your emails, you will have a worry free working environment in any place and at any time.

“Enhances your communication and collaboration for businesses and organizations of any size with our services today”.


Web Access

Access email, calendar and tasks from your anywhere using any major web browser and get instant updates to the desktop and mobile devices.

Desktop Access

Microsoft Outlook and Exchange are the perfect match. Unlock all the features and functionality of Outlook with Hosted Exchange.

Mobile Access

Don’t be tied to your desk. ActiveSync for iPhone, Windows devices and Android lets you send and receive email, access appointments and collaborate with staff when you’re on the go.

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