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CBNCloud SmartDocs - Document Management

CBNCloud SmartDocs is a cloud based powerful enterprise class document management solution that helps organizations, users and partners create aggregate and collaborate using information from any file for business and competitive advantage. All access is secured, controlled, and logged through the built-in Access Control mechanisms.

Why using this service?

Easy Automation

CBNCloud SmartDocs helps you to Automated Document Collection, File Uploads, Document Version Management in easy way. You can easily make a new file creation, file copy, downloads file, document modification, rename, etc and it will automatically uploads to the CBNCloud SmartDocs server without any manual intervention.

Efficient Collaboration

CBNCloud SmartDocs allows project administrators to create groups and assign members to projects. This collaboration certainly be used for internal and external and you can collaborate the document at anytime and anywhere. Just simply set up the the devices such as laptops or mobile devices and connect with internet, you can do it in easily way.

Safe & Secure

No need to worry with this services. All access is secured, controlled, and logged through the built-in Access Control mechanisms. CBNCloud Smartdocs provide utmost security through encryption and decryption of files during transmission and in storage. Administrators can manage and control user settings and permissions to restrict user access to specific files and folders. Files are categorized as private and public or read only, editable and downloadable, ensuring granular access controls. Its supports password protection, expiry dates for shared links and folders, login credentials and designate file permisions.


Automated Backups

Many document management platforms expect users to manually select files or drag and drop them for upload to the system. SmartDocs lets you forget all about manually managing your documents once you have installed the SmartDocs agent. Depending on whether you have selected full scan or folder scan options the SmartDocs agent automatically uploads files, folders or entire drives to secure servers replicating the exact directory structure as on your computer.

Instant Search and Preview

SmartDocs provides a thumbnail preview of the first 4 pages of any document giving you a view of the document contents before opening it. With full text indexing of the complete content SmartDocs allows instant search of entire folders. You can search documents on the basis of user created tags, the document creator, date range or on specific words or phrases. Accurate search results appear within seconds saving you time that would have been lost trying to locate documents.

Automatic File Versioning

SmartDocs automatically assigns version numbers to documents as they go through successive rounds of edits or updates. The SmartDocs platform allows you to set user access controls to ensure that relevant versions reach the right employees. This helps to streamline version control issues in organizations where most documents go through an iterative process and maintain a complete trail of document edits.

Reports and Audit Trails

SmartDocs allows you to maintain detailed audit trails of document activities within the organization. With document uploads every 10 minutes and controlled security settings, the SmartDocs agent has data on logins, views, edits, upload and document sharing. This can translate into detailed audit trails that enhance compliance and reduce security risks within the organization. SmartDocs also produces a wide range of reports based on user metrics and document history.

Remote Online Access

SmartDocs provides you with remote online access to all your files offering an integrated browser view. This means that if you have installed SmartDocs, you can open a PDF document you created at office on a browser at your client location. The integrated browser view allows you to open the document instantly, without leaving your browser window or having to download any application for viewing. All you need is to be connected to the internet. With anytime anywhere web access to documents, SmartDocs gives remotely placed employees, external partners, customers and vendors of the organization access to secure real time information. Those on the move can access documents on mobile devices like iPads, iPhones and android devices improving workflow procedures and communication between stakeholders.

Manage Project Document

Another important feature of Smartdocs is the project creation. You can create your own project or join that of others. You can choose to build your own group or community online, thereby saving precious time in meeting in person. You can collaborate with your group members even from the vicinity of your home. It is an ideal, convenient & productive approach to work.

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