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This service allows you to back up your data by copying your current data or create them in certain files, if any of your current data is corrupt or missing you could use your back up data. This services also have the availability to do the back up in a real time basis without interrupting your ongoing virtual server system. Provided with a back up feature retention, you could organize the time for data retrieval and deletion without having to worry about losing your data in the future.

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Incremental backups are done at the block level instead of the file level. Block level backup provides several advantages including the speed of completing a backup operation, a drastic reduction in disk and network I/O, the ability to perform backups as often as every 15 minutes and no performance penalty for servers having a large number of files.


Server Backup Manager was designed by Hosting professionals who fully understood the pain involved in managing the hidden costs of a backup solution. Everything is included; no additional modules or plug-ins to pay for and on-demand monthly subscription pricing provides flexible pay as you go service.


Windows & Linux / Physical & Virtual. RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, SUSE and most custom Linux kernels. VMWare, Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, Parallels Cloud Server, Parallels Virtuozzo and KVM. Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange and MySQL (including MariaDB and Percona Server).


Server Backup Manager meets the needs of both Enterprise and Provider environments. It can be setup to allow access only to administrators, group-based administrators, multi-tenant, tiered multi-tenant or a custom configuration.


Server Backup Manager is the #1 backup solution developed for the web hosting industry.


Thousands of servers with one web-based enterprise console. Server Backup Manager’s extensible architecture allows for adding repositories as you grow.

Disk Safe Replication

Disk Safe can be fully replicated for offsite storage without taking it offline giving users the freedom to conduct a replication without fear of losing data.

Flexible Data Recovery

Individual recovery points are easily accessed through the web interface where users can select individual files, directories or entire file systems to be restored within minutes.

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