Cloud Share Hosting

Cloud Share Hosting

Cloud Share Hosting is a combination of web and mail hosting service, in which the application is controlled and managed by customers through the Internet. The basic part of the service is that we provide the server equipment as well as application to meet customers’ need.

The operation of the web and mail application will be run by customer. Each corporation will be granted one single username and password to be able to login to CBNCloud Shared Hosting system. Web and mail applications in this service will be maintained solely by customers. Each of our customers will be created username and password to log in to our system, where they could manage and organize the mail or web according to their need.

CBNCloud is always on par with the technological development and supported by the best and experienced team in the field of cloud computing.

Cloud Share Hosting is so flexible, whenever the user can add or reduce services / packages, and users only need to pay according to usage. When an event or promotion expires, the user can return to its original use, and just pay more at the time of the event or the promotion period. This will help the efficiency which in turn will increase the benefit for the user.

This Cloud Share Hosting allow services according to your needs and no payment will go to waste.


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