Cloud Private Server Linux

To meet this growing demand, you will quickly need to add additional servers, compute power, and storage. CBNCloud Stack offer you the option of cloud computing from which you can select the service that best fits your specific needs with benefit:

Key Benefits

CBNCloud implements a zero trust network which prevent communication between virtual machine without a true and legal connection, a firewall which limit the number of legal IP addresses accessing certain device as well as adopt an authentication system to ensure the user’s validity in accessing CBNCloud. CBNCloud is also built in a Tier III Data Center to ensure the security of your business.

CBNCloud is always on par with the technological development and supported by the best and experienced team in the field of cloud computing.

CBNCloud Service Stack is so flexible, whenever the user can add or reduce server, and users only need to pay according to usage. For example, if the user is in need of a lot of servers because of the event or promotion of products that are being launched, additional servers can be done only during the event or promotion lasts. When an event or promotion expires, the user can return to its original use, and just pay more at the time of the event or the promotion period. This will help the efficiency which in turn will increase the benefit for the user.

Construction of the system topology that will be used by the user can be done alone, so the user will be the architect for the system itself. This feature is so flexible because we know the different needs of every user. Through this feature, in a short time the system topology construction can be done, from the simplest topology to complex ones. Interestingly, users do not need to invest due to the cloud computing system is already providing virtually both hardware and software required by the user. If users have an application that will be riding on the system, the application only needs to be installed on the system, and in a short time system users want to immediately run.


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