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Cloud contact center solution based on an innovative distributed approach that eliminates the need for legacy server-centric architecture.

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‘Scalable and elastic capabilities delivered as a Service to external customers using Internet Technologies.’ – Gartner

If you want to use cloud environment, CBNCloud offer you more!


Your company need an IT Solution but don’t want to spend big amount of investment? than CBNCloud provides you with the right solution. This is the newest innovation of CBN Cloud services called Managed service, designed to fulfill your IT requirements, this service will allow you to focus on building and expanding your business but at the same time your cloud computing will be fully utilized.

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These services allow our customers to build a solution that addresses multiple IT requirements, and to take advantage of all our managed cloud has to offer.

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Availability, backup and recovery services, security and compliance services and application support services are provided on top of our managed cloud foundation.

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We see e-commerce as an opportunity, and developed one ourselves to accommodate the requirements of online store owner. We design it in an attractive designs and also easy to use, since we understand the adoption of IT in Indonesia is not spread evenly in Indonesia.

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