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CBNCloud offers a solution of complete services to fulfill your needs


business emails, contact, task list , and calendar

SmartDocs is a cloud based powerful enterprise class document management solution that helps organizations, users and partners create aggregate and collaborate using information from any file for business and competitive advantage.


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Get your email security

The benefits of hosted email security solutions are quite clear and for many businesses a hosted service will be a much more cost effective option than on-premises solutions. This service will safe guard your valuable data 24/7.

What is Cloud Computing?

‘Scalable and elastic capabilities delivered as a Service to external customers using Internet Technologies.’ – Gartner

What's inside the CBNCloud?

We can provide users with a number of different benefits.

Reliable Handling

CBNCloud is being part of the technological development and supported by the best and experienced team in the field of cloud computing. Delivering reliable and available cloud-based services must start with an awareness of how operations have changed in the cloud. in a cloud environment, service load can potentially be distributed seamlessly across multiple servers, locations and cloud providers, with the assistance of load balancing mechanisms and policies. The challenge is to satisfy wide-ranging requirements.


CBNCloud implements a zero-trust network which prevents communication between virtual machines without a true and legal connection, a firewall which limits the number of legal IP addresses accessing CBNCloud. CBNCloud is also built in a Tier III Data Center to ensure the security of your business.


CBNCloud is elastic that allows customers to develop the Cloud Services up to their needs. CBNCloud will be the perfect tool to support your business purpose.

Capex vs Opex

CBNCloud enables you to save up on capital and convert your investment into operational expense.

Pay As You Grow

You can use CBNCloud services according to your needs and no payment wil go to waste. CBNCloud also provides a custom service and you can choose a pre paid or post paid plan.

A Complete Solution

CBNCloud offers a solution of complete services to fulfill your needs, which consists of Infrastructure-as-a-service, Platform-as-a-service, Software-as-a-service and many more, added with easy usage and installation which only takes up a few minutes.

Technology Partner

Our technology partners varied from all kinds of expertise, so we could provide full arrays of services.


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